Our Technology Partnerships

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Digital Identity & Access Management

i-Sprint’s digital identity product offerings include adaptive authentication (biometrics, multifactor authentication, and more), single sign-on services, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) authentication, and data protection for transaction data and to secure access to the web, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

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Mobile Application Security

SecIron mobile application security solutions safeguard tens of thousands of mobile applications across various industries including Finance, Commerce, Gaming, and Public Sector. SecIron is committed to safeguard and protect the community from the hands of cybercriminals and mobile threats.

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NMS, IMS, ITSM, OSS Products for Enterprise & Telecoms

EverestIMS Infraon product suite delivers 360 degree Enterprise & Telecoms coverage using AI and Hyperautomation. Infraon brings IT, Services and Compliance together under the ambit of a single integrated offering.

  1. Infraon IMS - a complete unified Infrastructure Monitoring Suite for IT, Networking & IoT devices.

  2. Infraon NCCM - effortlessly automates the Configuration & Change Management of network devices.

  3. Infraon Desk - empower your IT Service Management (ITSM).

  4. Infraon Secura - a zero trust remote access platform.

  5. Infraon Assets - let you take charge of the IT assets lifecycle & expenses.